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Botox: is a protein and   neurotoxin produced by bacterium clostridium botulinum

It is a prescription medicine that is injected   into muscles and used :

We are in Arab Dental Center use Botox in the following cases to prevent headaches in adults with chronic migraine which muscular origin.

Botox is a cosmetic medicine that is used to prevent of treat wrinkles in forehead

 (Frowns  Lines ) and per orbital  lines (Crows Feet )


Botox also used to  treat Gummy Smile .


People that most of the upper Gum appear  when they Smile .New can be treated for 6 months by Botox and can easily achieve wonderful smile .

Botox used to treat TMJ problems and pain  .

Botox  is safe to be used in severe sweating areas in the forehead ,Palms ,and under arms…

Botox can efficiently affect sweat glands and sweat production  .

Discuss with you r doctor  your eligibility to Botox….


Dr.Sabaa Al-hiary.


cosmetic Dentist / Jordanian University.
Prosthodontist / Jordanian Board.
Certified Dental LASER  user WCLL.
Member of AAFA (American Academy of Facial Aesthetics)
Botox and filler and PRP For face and hair .
Certified Botox and filler user from Britain Academy.





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