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Facial Cosmetic clinic & Hollywood Smile

Facial Cosmetics clinic & Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile

In Arab Dental Center there is Specified Clinic for the beauty of your face and yours Smile (Hollywood Smile).

Hollywood Smilenot only White bright well-aligned teeth …it means healthy Pink gingiva and Soft fully lips in a beautiful wrinkles free face …


-We have fully equipped Cosmetics beautyClinic with highly advanced Instruments and devices …and highly Specialized Cosmetic dentists.

- We have Hollywood Smiles with Lumineers (non-preparation) or snap on smile (also non- preparation) or Veneers (Slight  preparation) or Crowns and bridges … each.

- We Use Best material in Veneers,Crowns,bridgcs by CAD/CAM Techniques .

 Cosmetics clinic

-We Use Digital Smile Design DSD Techniques to achieve best results.

DSD Design is a new software enable patients to see his new smile (teeth form,size and design) before starting his treatment.

-Patient should be examined by a team- work Cosmetics dentists and 3D –X-ray diagnosis system accordingly treatment plant will be introduced to the patients.


-We have the most advanced Whitening devices ….only in 30 min

{qldiv id="grey"}White bright teeth .




* We have the most advanced Laser

Devices        Er.YAG                       Cavo

                      Er.Cr.WSGG               Water Laze

                      Diode lazer                Bio    Laze

Cosmetic Clinic in Jordan Hollywood smile  To treat all types of  gingival and periodontal inflamations with great results .


Cosmetic Clinic in Jordan Hollywood smile  To treat black or bluish Gingiva without bleeding ….without pain

Non –invasive .Irreversible treatment.

White bright teeth need Pink gingival to complete the beauty of face.

Cosmetic Clinic in Jordan Hollywood smile  To get rid of bluish or black pigmentations the lip.


It is marvelous now with LASER to have Pink lips Free of any black or bluish discdorations.

Cosmetic Clinic in Jordan Hollywood smile  To treat any lesions inside mouth or Ulcers .

Cosmetic Clinic in Jordan Hollywood smile  To Cut gingiva or polyps or anye extra soft Tissues without pain without bleeding.


1. Botox and Filler to treat àFacial Wrinkles around mouth and eyes .

2.Gummy Smile .

3.TMJ Problems bruxism clenching

4.Migraine and facial pain .

*We Use PRP =Platelet Rich Plasrna .

Using most  advanced centrifuge to separate healing and Generating factors

Focusing them into face +hair .

Will give more beauty and enlightment (one color of whole face )

Will get rid of undir eye black circles and Give Sgining face

3visits are recommended for face to give u ltimate results

-For falling hair :

Cosmetic Clinic in Jordan Hollywood smile To renew hair follicles 6 visits are recommended.



Dr.Sabaa Al-hiary.

cosmetic Dentist / Jordanian University.
Prosthodontist / Jordanian Board.
Certified Dental LASER  user WCLL.
Member of AAFA (American Academy of Facial Aesthetics)
Botox and filler and PRP For face and hair .
Certified Botox and filler user from Britain Academy.

Chief of Cosmetic Department

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